2020 Update Meetings

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Power House of Speakers!

Feb. 3rd | Auburn, NE

Photo of Brad Lubben

Dr. Brad Lubben | A broad overview and detailed analysis of the 2018 Farm Bill and elections






Jim Wiesemeyer Jim Wiesemeyer | What is Washington D.C. going to do to you, or do for you in the coming year?

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Paul Mobley | An entertaining, mesmerizing pictorial journey of a city boy who found thousands of farms and ranches to be so much more than he pereived.

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Feb. 5th | Rock Pork, MO

Image result for dr david kohlDr. David Kohl | Positioning for Success in the Economic Reset. Dr. Kohl portrays a unique pulse on trends that will impact the landscape of agriculture.






Feb. 10th | Nebraska City, NE

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Damian Mason | Provocative insights, hefty entertainment on Agriculture & Business






Feb. 12th | Lincoln, NE

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Robert Saik | With 40 years experience as a Professional Agrologist, this ag futurist will give us unparalleled insight into ag’s future and how your farm can prosper in the present environment.

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