Bluetooth Reporting Options

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Bluetooth Reporting Options


This for-fee program can be used in conjunction with the Precision Farmer Program or independently. Your farm data can be pre-populated in the system by ARMtech to set you up and begin using the program.  It is a tool that can help you with record management as well as compliance as it can be used as a hard record for crop insurance claims.


This is a program through the grain cart company, we have a few producers using this program, and it is working well for them.


A fee program that can be used with your precision farming technology or as independent software.  It is a holistic farm management software that has a harvest end component that can be used as a hard record for reporting claims.

Please contact the office with questions and to work with us on the program enrollment. Again this needs to be completed prior to planting. We will be able to assist you with enrollment forms as well as electronic access and digital signature.