Unit Definitions

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Crop Insurance Unit Definitions

Basic Unit (BU)

  • By crop
  • By county
  • By share

Optional Unit (OU)

  • By crop
  • By county
  • By share
  • By legal description (some areas by FSN)

Enterprise Unit (EU)

  • By crop in each county

Enterprise Unit by Practice Type (EP)

  • Elect separate enterprise units for irrigated or non- irrigated acreage

Whole Farm Unit (WU)

  • Everything farmed within a county

EU Qualifications

At least two sections within the county must have planted acres that constitute at least the lesser of 20 acres or 20% of the insured crop acreage in the Enterprise Unit(20/20 Rule).

Enterprise Units must be elected by the sales closing date of March 15.

Newer Options

Level by Practice (LP)

Level by Practice (LP) allows producers to elect separate coverage levels for irrigated & non-irrigated practices.

  • Note: Claims & guarantees will still be worked off of the underlying unit structure. This endorsement only separates coverage levels, not payable lines.

Example: Your irrigated crops could cause your non-irrigated crops to grow out of a loss.

RMA FAQ – Level by Practice

Enterprise Units by Practice (EP)

Allows producers to elect separate EU’s for irrigated & non-irrigated acres.

•Requires EU Qualifications

RMA FAQ – Enterprise Units by Practice

High-Risk Alternate Coverage Endorsement (HR-ACE)

Allows producers to separate their high-risk acres from regular-risk acres on separate coverage levels.


Multi-County Enterprise Units

Allows producers to enterprise two contiguous counties together.

  • Counties cannot cross state lines
  • Counties boundaries must touch at some point
  • Counties must have matching elections
  • One county must qualify independently for EU, the other must not be able to qualify on its own

RMA Fact Sheet