Claims Definitions


Soft Records*:

  • Farm Scales
  • Elevator Scale Tickets

Hard Records:

  • Grain Cart Scale Tickets (captured via Bluetooth or Cloud connectivity only) – i.e. Conservis or other
  • Precision Ag records for both planting and harvest**
  • Elevator settlement sheets
  • Bin measurements completed by adjuster or FSA

Compliance Reviews

Mandatory Reviews:

  • Any claim over $200,000
  • Conflict of Interest

Random Reviews:

  • Selected by RMA randomly
  • Can be for any reason RMA selects
  • FSA Spot Check Reviews

*Soft records can be used as supporting records or documentation for your hard records.  Only hard records can be used to finalize a claim.

**Precision Ag records may only be used for finalizing a claim if you have signed up as a Precision Farmer prior to planting and you comply with RMA regulations throughout the year.

Please Notice:

  • Due to RMA rules, you must report all production for each unit regardless of share.  This means we must have record of not just your share, but also all shares in the unit via hard copy.
  • RMA does not allow an agent to be involved in the settlement of a claim.  We can educate you about steps you need to take, but the adjuster is the only person with the authority to work or settle a claim.

Self-Certification Replant Inspections

If authorized by ARMtech, the Self-Certification Replant Inspection can be used for the following crops, provided  replanted acreage will be 50 gross acres (before share) or less on a unit.  Acreage qualifies for a replanting payment in accordance with policy/endorsement replanting provisions.  Note that replant claims must be reported to the agent before acres are replanted.

Authorized crops for the area are corn, grain sorghum, oats (spring-seeded only), popcorn (including popcorn revenue), and soybeans.

A Self-Certification Replant Worksheet is mailed to the insured when AlP consent is given to replant.  A form letter provided by the AlP, which highlights the insured’s requirements, will be attached to the worksheet.


Replant is planting only to the like crop.

For Example: If you destroy corn and plant soybeans, that is not a replant.  It becomes First Crop -Second Crop. Please refer to those rules.

Simplified Claim  Process: SCP

Crop Policies with basic, optional, whole farm, or enterprise units are eligible, provided all other SCP criteria are met.

SCP dollar tolerances are based on the dollar amount of the production loss; therefore, if the insured crop is insured under the revenue protection plan and the harvest price causes the dollar indemnity to exceed the SCP limit, the claim is still eligible for SCP.

All planted acreage in the unit must be harvested, and the production must be sold or placed in commercial storage.