Precision Farming


Precision Farming Program:

  1. Simplified reporting process.
  2. Captures planting information on precision farming equipment and provides to Auburn Agency.
  3. Data is processed and information reported with only the review and signature required.
  4. Map-based reporting system ensures the most accurate reporting possible and also serves as more comprehensive records of your operation. They can even be customized to aid you in reporting to your local FSA office.
  5. Harvest data provided to an assigned adjuster is considered verified production when precision planting data is used for reporting.
  6. Provides the benefit of potential cost savings.

Any precision data you would provide our agency is data that is owned and controlled by you.  Because we are an independent agency, and we place your business with an independent AIP  (Approved Insurance Provider) there is no question about who owns your data.  We will archive your raw data in our office, and would always have a copy available to you at any time.


For planting information:

  • The Precision Farming data for planting will be uploaded to Auburn for processing no later than 20 days before the deadline for data receipt, June 25.
  • Planting data can be utilized even if harvest data won’t be collected via precision methods.

For harvest information:

  • An adjuster assigned to your precision farming policy will contact you near harvest time to establish a time frame for providing the data for processing.
  • A precision farming inspection will be opened for processing the production data, which ensures timely notification of a loss if it is determined that a claim exists.
  • All precision harvest data must be turned in no later than January 15. If you fail to meet this deadline, you’ll be required to report your production in a traditional manner, which puts the compliance burden solely on you.

Please be aware of your deadlines.

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