Prevented Planting


Corn Options After Final Plant Date

Corn is eligible for prevented planting after the final plant date for the respective county/crop.

  1. If the acres are deemed eligible*, the producer will receive 100% of the PP indemnity if acres are left idle.
    • APH is not impacted by prevent plant; if there are planted acres within the field, a weighted average will determine APH.
  2. On a corn-intended field deemed PP, a 2nd crop may be planted the 10th day after the final planting date if the crop has a late planting period of 10 days or more.
    • The crop must be insured
    • The insured is due 35% of corn PP indemnity, 35% of the premium will be billed
    • 60% of the approved yield within the producer’s database will determine APH
    • If a 2nd crop is planted before the late plant period, PP may not be declared for the original crop, with no premium or indemnity due. The 2nd crop must be insured if it is on the producer’s policy.
  3. cover crop** may be planted – the producer will receive 100% of the PP indemnity.
    • The cover crop acres may not be hayed or grazed prior to November 1st, or otherwise harvested for grain.
  4. Late planting is available after the final plant date for the respective county/crop. There is a 1% indemnity reduction after that date for as long as the late plant period.

Basic PP acre equation:  Subtract planted acres from eligible acres, once zero acres remain, the acres roll to another available crop

* Your agent can work through the appropriate guidelines/variables to determine eligibility.

** NRCS approved per respective county guidelines

Prevented Planting (PP) Claim Eligibility

  • Prevented Planting can only be declared with an insurable cause of loss.
  • The maximum amount of acres that can be declared as prevent plant cannot exceed the number of acres certified/reported to that crop within the last 4 years.
  • 20/20 Guidelines must be met
    • A unit with 100 or more acres must have at least 20 acres prevented
    • If the unit has less than 100 acres, the PP acres must equal a minimum of 20% of the unit’s total acres
  • The insured must report their intent to not plant to their agent within 72 hours of making that decision.

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