Replant Crop Information


For claims purposes, replant is planting to the like crop only. Destroying a corn crop and following with soybeans is not considered a replant. This would be considered ‘First Crop-Second Crop.’

It is imperative that you call your agent before replanting, Self-Certified or otherwise. In most instances, the fields must be released by an adjuster and given consent to replant in order to receive a proper indemnity.

To qualify for a replant claim you must replant a minimum of 20 acres in the unit, or 20% of the unit.

2017 Definition Change to Practical to Replant

RMA FAQ – Double Cropping Revision & Practical to Replant

Q: Did RMA revise the definition of “practical to replant” based on public comments in the Final Rule?
A: Yes, RMA agreed with several comments that taking the practicality to replant all the way to the end of the late planting period may limit a policyholder’s ability to be flexible in the event of a lost crop.

Therefore, RMA revised the definition of “practical to replant” to state it will be considered practical to replant through:

1) the final planting date if no late planting period is applicable;

2) the end of the late planting period if the late planting period is less than 10 days; or

3) the tenth day after the final planting date if the crop has a late planting period of 10 days or more. The previous date was a presumptive date and is now reduced to no more than 10 days.

RMA also added provisions for determining whether it is practical to replant so that approved insurance providers may consider circumstances as to whether:

1) it is physically possible to replant the acreage;

2) seed germination, emergence, and formation of a healthy plant is likely;

3) field, soil, and growing conditions allow for proper planting and growth of the replanted crop to reach maturity; or

4) other conditions exist, as provided by the Crop Provisions or Special Provisions. This will allow a proper balance between the interests of producers and the interests of the program.

Self-Certification Replant Inspections

Once authorized by ARMtech, Self-Certification Replant Inspections can be used if the affected acres are less than or equal to 50 gross acres (before share) on a unit. Replant payments are determined by replant provisions for the affected policy and endorsements.

NOTE: Replant claims must be reported to the agent before the acres are replanted.

RMA Loss Adjustment Manual – Self-Certification Replant Inspections