Common Crop Insurance Terms & Acronyms

YP Yield Protection
YEYield Exclusion
YAYield Adjustment
WFUWhole Farm Unit
WFRPWhole Farm Revenue Protection
WA Written Agreement
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
TWTest Weight
TATrend Adjustment
T-YieldTransitional Yield
SOISchedule of Insurance
SMPSpring Market Price
SFSummer Fallow
SCOSupplemental Coverage Option
SCDSales Closing Date
SBISubstantial Beneficial Interest
SA-TSimple Average Transitional Yield
RYReinsurance Year
RPLERevenue Plan Loss Estimator
RPHPERevenue Protection Harvest Price Exclusion
RP Revenue Protection
RMA-RORMA Regional Office
RMA Risk Management Agency
PWProduction Worksheet
PTC Production to Count
PRFPasture, Rangeland, & Forage
PRDProduction Reporting Date
PPWProducer Planting Worksheet
PPPrevented Planting
PODPiece of Dirt
POAPower of Attorney
PCIProduction Cost Insurance
PCProduction Certification
OUOptional Unit
NSNative Sod
NPNew Producer
NOL Notice of Loss
NFACNot Following Another Crop
NBNew Breaking
MPCIMulti Peril Crop Insurance
MPMargin Protection
MBARMap Based Acreage Report
LPDLate Planting Date
LPLevel by Practice
LPLate Planting
HR-ACEHigh Risk Alternate Coverage Option
HMPHarvest Market Price
HELCHighly Erodible Land Conservation
GSIGrowing Season Inspection
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GISGeographic Information Systems
FTFFarm, Tract, Field
FSNFarm Serial Number
FSAFarm Service Agency
FPD Final Plant Date
FNFarm Number
FMForeign Matter
FACFollowing Another Crop
EUEnterprise Unit
EPEnterprise Unit by Practice
CPAContract Price Addendum
COLCause of Loss
CLUCommon Land Unit
CCContinuous Cropping
BUBasic Unit
BFRBeginning Farmer Rancher
ARDAcreage Reporting Date
ARAcreage Report
APIApiculture Pilot Program
APHActual Production History
AOIAssignment of Indemnity
AIPApproved Insurance Provider