2021 Crop Wind & Hail Deadline
Hail (& wind) Coverage Deadline → 2 hours before a storm | Wind Coverage Deadline → June 30th
2021 Spring Market Price
Corn $4.58 • Volatility .23 | Soybeans $11.87 • Volatility .19
Quote of the Week
"And into the field I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” -Unknown

Crop Deadlines

Sales Closings

ArkansasFebruary 28thSeptember 30thNovember 15th
IowaMarch 15thSeptember 30thn/a
KansasMarch 15thSeptember 30thNovember 15th
MissouriMarch 15thSeptember 30thNovember 15th
NebraskaMarch 15thSeptember 30thNovember 15th

Production Reporting

(45 days after Sales Closing)

Corn/SoybeansApril 29th
WheatNovember 15th

Reporting Loss Claims

December 10

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Crop Deadlines

Sales Closings   CORN/SOYBEANS WHEAT PRF Arkansas February 28th September 30th November 15th Iowa March 15th September 30th n/a Kansas March 15th September 30th November

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